Italian Style Dark
Drinking Chocolate

The World’ Best
Drinking Chocolate Is

Making VELVETiNO is easy.

    1 part VELVETiNO
    6 parts MILK

    e.g. in a 12oz takeaway cup
    add 1 x generous tablespoon
    of VELVETiNO


    1 part VELVETiNO
    4 parts MILK

    e.g. in a 8oz takeaway cup
    add 1 x generous dessert spoon
    of VELVETiNO


    Stand a teaspoon with a rounded measure of VELVETiNO in the cup while ESPRESSO is pouring


VELVETiNO started in 2009 as a family business, rising from migrant heritage we began as a humble street market stall selling espresso coffee, but it was our traditional Italian Cioccolata made to an old country family recipe that quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Demand was so great we began to exclusively sell our Italian Hot Chocolate (Cioccolata Calda) which rapidly grew in popularity.
Word spread beyond the market and soon everyone was asking us to commercialise our chocolate, so that’s what we did. We set about producing our classic traditional Italian Cioccolata in commercial quantities and soon our humble product was being used in homes, by baristas for hot & cold beverages and by chefs mixing with wonderful ingredients. After many years we are still a family owned business, we are very proud of our brand and product and are looking forward to adding to our range to meet ever growing needs.

What is VELVETiNO?

VELVETiNO is a Luxury Chocolate, it has a consistent silky mouth feel with couverture rich impressions from the finest Cote d'Ivoire Cocoa and subtle caramel overtones from evaporated cane sugar.

VELVETiNO traditional Italian Cioccolata recipe is the quintessential blend, rich and dark, smooth as velvet – free of gluten, lactose, preservatives, artificial colour & flavours. As a beverage VELVETiNO is unique in its quality, ease of use and consistency. It is an excellent choice for Mocha Coffee, as a Hot Chocolate it is prepared by adding VELVETiNO to your choice of milk whether full cream, slim or soy etc. VELVETiNO is a ready to serve concentrate, its long best before 12 month shelf life at ambient temperature and ability to extend VELVETiNO to fill all chocolate needs is a sensational winning combination. To achieve a desirable result in different applications for example, piping, filling, spreading, topping etc; adjustments in consistency, elasticity and colour can be made with the aid of condensed milk, evaporated milk, cream, ricotta mascarpone and jams etc.

Nutritional Information.
cocoa 30%, sugar,
water, molasses,
butter, milk, sea salt,
glycerine (422)
Nutrition Information
Servings per package:35.00
Serving size:20.00 G
Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity per 100 G
Energy 289 KJ 1443 KJ
Protien 1.5 G 7.4 G
Fat, Total 2.4 G 11.9 G
-Saturated 1.5 G 7.5 G
Carbohydrate 10.3 G 51.6 G
-Sugars 7.9 G 39.4 G
Sodium 78 MG 388 MG

VELVETiNO – Dark Chocolate Fondant